Transition to Drupal

Well, after a lot of trial and error, I have decided to build this site in Drupal. the main reason for this being the ability to restrict areas of the site based on user's names. The functionality of this Joomla calls for an extension which (at this time) requires a purchase. One of my goals is to build a fully functional site using only free software. So far, the cost of this site (other than my time) is $6.95 per month. Can't beat that! The CMS for the site is Drupal and the family tree portion of the site is PHPGedview. If you're interested, Drupal can be downloaded (free) from and PHPGedview is available (also free) from Installation documentation for both of these applications is very good and easy to follow. Stay tuned (come back often) and see what's going on at Georgia Roots.