Bridges of Montgomery County, GA

The oldest proven male in this line is William Bridges, born April 15, 1804 - died April 15, 1888.  There is a Montgomery Co, marriage record for William Bridges and Nancy Callahan (Kellehand) dated 1826.  However, when census records began recording family member names, his wife is shown as Mariah.  Most researchers of this line consider William Bridges to have been married first to Nancy Callahan and second to Mariah Courson (Coursey).  There are 13 known children:


 1 - Mary Ann Bridges, b. July 29, 1832, married John T. Pope.

 2 - William Thomas G T (CSA) Bridges, b. August 17, 1836, married Flora McSwain.

 3 - Susan Bridges, b. @ 1840, married Daniel Currie.

 4 - Charles Bridges (CSA), b. 1842.  Killed in war.

 5 - George Bridges, b. 1846, no known information.

 6 - William M. Bridges, Jr., b. December 11, 1847, married Sarah R. Miller.

 7 - Isabell Bridges, b. @ 1850, married Mitchell Pope.

 8 - John Warren Bridges, b. June 24, 1852, married Martha E. Miller.

 9 - Andrew J (AJ) Bridges, b. November, 1854, married Sarah McDaniel.

10 - Julia Bridges, b. @ 1855, no known information.

11 - Mary C. Bridges, b. September 15, 1859, married Jessie Patton.

12 - Cassa Bridges, b. @ 1862, no known information.

13 - Alice Bridges, b. May, 1864, married William Browning.


These 13 children and their descendants inhabited Montgomery (including what is now Wheeler), Laurens, Telfair, and Treutlen County, GA.  For more information on this family, please visit our family tree database.  If you're related to someone in our Montgomery County, GA, tree please contact us and join our online family!


At this time, there is no proven link between our Washington Co Tree and our Montgomery Co Tree.