1850 Census

1850 is the first census that records not only the head of household, but the names of the everyone living in the household.  Bridges are found in the area in Washington, Montgomery, Dooly, Laurens and Wilkenson County.


Washington County:

Abigail Bridges, head of household, age 40, born NC

Kintchin A. Bridges, male, age 14

William C. D. Bridges, male, age 13

Sarah R. Bridges, female, age 6

Lewis H. C. Barge, male, age 3


Edwin Bridges, male, age 24, farmer, born Georgia

in the household of Lewis Bullard

John Bridges, male, age 16, laborer, born Georgia

in the household of William Garner


Montgomery County:

William Bridges, head of household, overseer, age 40, born NC

Mariah Bridges, wife, female, age 29

Mary Ann Bridges, female, age 18

Thomas G. T. Bridges, male, age 13

Susan Bridges, female, age 11

Charles Bridges, male, age 8

George Bridges, male, age 4

William Bridges, male, age 2

Isabell Bridges, female, age 4 months


Thomas Bridges, male, age 13, laborer, born Georgia

in the household of William Davis


Laurens County:

John Bridges, male, age 20, overseer, born Georgia


Dooly County:

William Bridges, male, age 61, farmer, born NC

Mary Bridges, wife, female, age 63

Nancy Bridges, female, age 23

Jane Bridges, female, age 21


Daniel Bridges, male, age 33, farmer, born Georgia

Nancy E. Bridges, wife, female, age 26

Mary A. Bridges, female, age 5 months


Joseph Bridges, male, age 70, farmer, born NC

Sarah Bridges, female, age 35

Elisabeth Bridges, female, age 25

Joseph Bridges, male, age 20

Martha Bridges, female, age 15


Benjamin S. Bridges, male, age 36, farmer, born Georgia

Sarah Bridges, female, age 30

Philip A. Bridges, male, age 9

Luallen Bridges, male, age 7

Joseph R. Bridges, male, age 5

Amanda J. Bridges, female, age 3

Babe - unnamed Bridges, female age 2 months


Wilkinson County:

In household of John and Demarious Hardie

Nancy Bridges, female, age 32

Alfred Bridges, male, age 12

Lydia Bridges, female, age 10


In household of Katharine Hooks

Martha Bridges, female, age 6


In household of John Hooks

Nancy Bridges, female, age 5 months


Please note that this census summary is a work in progress.  More information on Bridges in Georgia will be added as it is compiled.