1910 Georgia Census

1910 Georgia Census Information


Montgomery County:

John W. Bridges, head of household, age 57, Landsburg, Montgomery, GA

Martha E. Bridges, wife, age 67, married 39 years, 4 children - 3 living

Ebenezer Bridges, son, age 35

Sarah C. Bridges, daughter-in-law, age 35

Warren Bridges, son, age 33


Ellie Bridges, male, boarder, age 22

In household of Bennett and Nancy Frost.


George L. Bridges, head of household, age 41, McArthur, Montgomery, GA

Sula Bridges, wife, age 22

Beulah Bridges, daughter, age 4

George M. Bridges, son, age 1 year, 9 months


John Bridges, head of household, widowed, age 51, McArthur, Montgomery, GA

Elma Bridges, son, age 14

Dalla Bridges, daughter, age 10

Wone Bridges, daughter, age 7

Lizzie Bridges, daughter, age 6

Dora Bridges, daughter, age 2


Thomas Bridges, head of household, age 73, McArthur, Montgomery, GA

Flora Bridges, wife, age 71


William T. Bridges, head of household, age 47, McArthur, Montgomery, GA

Amanda Bridges, wife, age 43

Douglas Bridges, son, age 8

LeRoy Bridges, son, age 6

Clara Bridges, daughter, age 4

William H. Bridges, son, age 2

Uriah Sears, brother-in-law, age 62


Addie L. Bridges, head of household, widow, age 39, McArthur, Montgomery, GA

Ora L. Bridges, daughter, age 16

Anna Bridges, daughter, age 13

Mamie Bridges, daughter, age 11

Charles Bridges, son, age 10

Wilford Bridges, son, age 6


James W. Bridges, head of household, age 22, McArthur, Montgomery, GA

Carrie Bridges, wife, age 25

Nancy Bridges, daughter, age 2


James M. Bridges, head of household, age 45, McArthur, Montgomery, GA

Martha Bridges, wife, age 46

Oscar Bridges, son, age 20

Bessie Bridges, daughter, age 18

Leatha M. Bridges, daughter, age 15

William Bridges, son, age 12

Patsy Bridges, daughter, age 6


M. Bridges, head of household, age 39, Tarrytown, Montgomery, GA

Annie L. Bridges, wife, age 34

Clifford Bridges, son, age 14

Dennis Bridges, son, age 12

Ora Bridges, daughter, age 10

Edna Bridges, daughter, age 7

Charles Bridges, son, age 3

William M. Bridges, age 74, father

Sarah Bridges, age 75, mother


Lee J. Bridges, head of household, age 50, Soperton, Montgomery, GA

Gracy Bridges, wife, age 53

William T. Bridges, son, age 16

Eddie L. Bridges, son, age 14


Laurens County:

Daniel I Bridges, head of household, age 58, Hampton Mill, Laurens, GA

Eliza E. Bridges, wife, age 55

Martin K. Bridges, son, age 16

Homer Batts, grandson, age 12


John W. Bridges, head of household, age 35, Dexter, Laurens, GA

Annie F. Bridges, wife, age 35, married 19 years, 5 children - 3 living

Annie M. Bridges, daughter, age 17

Emmie L. Bridges, daughter, age 13

William C. Bridges, son, age 8


Mary E. Bridges, sister, age 55, widow, 0 children

Living in household of Rebecca McClendon and son John D. McClendon


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