1920 Georgia Census Information

1920 Georgia Census Information


Wheeler County (previously Montgomery County):

James M. Bridges, head of household, age 53, Glenwood, Wheeler, GA

Martha Bridges, wife, age 54

Patsy D. Bridges, daughter, age 16

Carrie Bridges, daughter-in-law, age 34

Nancy Bridges, granddaughter, age 11

Charlie Bridges, grandson, age 9

Clifford Bridges, grandson, age 7

Ruby Bridges, granddaughter, age 5

J .W. Bridges, grandson, age 2


Oscar Bridges, head of household, age 30, Glenwood, Wheeler, GA

Annie Bridges, wife, age 21

Maran Bridges, son, age 5

Lawson Bridges, son, age 3

Harvey Bridges, son, age 2

Jim Bridges, son, age 1

Ellie F. Bridges, cousin, age 32 years, Landsberg, Wheeler, GA

In household of William and Emily Pope


Ebenezer Bridges, head of household, age 45 years, Landsberg, Wheeler, GA

Sarah C. Bridges, wife, age 45

Olin D. Bridges, son, age 9

Winona Bridges, daughter, age 7

Katy L. Bridges, daughter, age 3 years, 8 months

John W. Bridges, father, age 67


Dora Bridges, niece, age 9

In household of Redding and Fannie Browning


Warren Bridges, head of household, age 43 years, Landsberg, Wheeler, GA

Mary E. Bridges, wife, age 33

John M. Bridges, son, age 6

Willow M. Bridges, daughter, age 4

Arden W. Bridges, son, age 2 years, 2 months


M. Bridges, head of household, age 49 years, McArthur, Wheeler, GA

Annie Lee Bridges, wife, age 49

Dennie Bridges, son, age 22

Ora Lee Bridges, daughter, age 18

Edna Mae Bridges, daughter, age 15

Charles W. Bridges, son, age 13

Esthel Bridges, daughter, age 9

Winnie M. Bridges, daughter, age 5

Richard Blan, male, boarder, age 25


W. T. Bridges, head of household, age 56 years, McArthur, Wheeler, GA

Amanda Bridges, wife, age 51

Jenks Bridges, son, age 17

Clara Bridges, daughter, age 14

Ossie Bridges, son, age 12

Sikes Sears, brother-in-law, age 64


J. W. Bridges, father-in-law, age 61 years, McArthur, Wheeler, GA

In household of E. H. and Ophelia (Bridges) Spivey


Addie L. Bridges, head of household, widow, age 48, McArthur, Wheeler, GA

Charlie Bridges, daughter, age 17

Willard Bridges, son, age 15


Laurens County:

James J. Bridges, head of household, age 46 years, Pinetucky, Laurens, GA

Alice V. Bridges, wife, age 38

Keller Bridges, son, age 15

Jace Bridges, son, age 13

James D. Bridges, son, age 8


Lofton E. Bridges, head of household, age 24, Buckeye, Laurens, GA

Hatie May Bridges, wife, age 28

Jack Bridges, son, age 5

Paul Bridges, son, age 7 months

Mary Lizzie Downs, stepdaughter, age 9


Sindia Bridges, head of household, widow, age 43, Harvard, Laurens, GA

Farris Bridges, son, age 23

Henry Bridges, son, age 16

Ben Bridges, son, age 13

Sara Bridges, daughter, age 9

James Bridges, son, age 6

Thomas English, brother, age 45


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