1930 Georgia Census

1930 Georgia Census Information:


Wheeler County (previously Montgomery County):

Oscar Bridges, head of household, age 40, Glenwood, Wheeler, GA

Annie Bridges, wife, age 32

Marcus Bridges, son, age 16

Lawson Bridges, son, age 14

Harvey Bridges, son, age 12

Jimmie Bridges, son, age 10

Alberta Bridges, daughter, age 8

Annie M. Bridges, daughter, age 3 years, 9 months


J. W. Bridges, stepson, age 13, Glenwood, Wheeler, GA

Living in household of John E and Carrie (Bridges) Babb


Jim M. Bridges, head of household, veterinarian, age 63, Glenwood, Wheeler, GA

Dallie Bridges, wife, age 30


Warren Bridges, head of household, widowed, Landsberg, Wheeler, GA

J. Morris Bridges, son, age 17

Willie M. Bridges, daughter, age 14

Arden W. Bridges, son, age 12

Annie L. Bridges, daughter, age 9


Ebenezer Bridges, head of household, age 55, Landsberg, Wheeler, GA

Sarah C. Bridges, wife, age 55

Olen Bridges, son, age 19

Winona Bridges, daughter, age 17

Katy L. Bridges, daughter, age 14


Ellie F. Bridges, head of household, fisherman, age 42, Landsberg, Wheeler, Ga

Mattie Bridges, wife, age 33

Nellie Bridges, daughter, age 6

Elmer Bridges, son, age 2 years, 7 months


LeRoy Bridges, head of household, age 27, McArthur, Wheeler, GA

Annie M. Bridges, wife, age 25

LeRoy Bridges, son, age 6

Annie M. Bridges, daughter, age 4 years 8 months

Joe T. Bridges, son, age 2

Margaret A. Bridges, daughter, age 8 months


Amanda Bridges, head of household, widow, age 62, McArthur, Wheeler, GA

Clara E. Bridges, daughter, age 23

Ossie Bridges, son, age 22

Curtis Hanil, male, boarder, age 27


Melton Bridges, head of household, age 59, McArthur, Wheeler, GA

Annie L. Bridges, wife, age 54

Dennis P. Bridges, son, age 32

Ora L. Bridges, daughter, age 28

Ethel Bridges, daughter, age 19

Irene Bridges, granddaughter, age 8

Amma L. Bridges, granddaughter, age 6

June V. Bridges, granddaughter, age 4 years 3 months


Laurens County:

George B. Batts, head of household, age 57, Hampton Mill, Laurens, GA

Nancy Batts, wife, age 53

Mary Batts, daughter, age 26

Daniel L. Batts, son, age 24

Elton Batts, son, age 17

Isabella Bridges, granddaughter, age 10

Ivy Bridges, grandson, age 8

Moses Bridges, grandson, age 6

Henry L. Bridges, grandson, age 2 years, 10 months

William E. Bridges, grandson, age 2 months

Daniel J. Bridges, father-in-law, age 79


Appling County:

Enock Spivey, head of household, age 40, Militia District 456, Appling, GA

Ophelia (Bridges) Spivey, wife, age 36

Myrtice Spivey, daughter, age 12

Murdock Spivey, son, age 11

John Bridges, father-in-law, age 72


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